Silloth on Solway Golf Club

Golf Club Atlas Interview

Golf Club Atlas Interview

In our never ending quest to carry on attracting golfers to our wonderful golf course we have tried to attract more players from the USA.  The main negative in attracting them to Silloth is the distance away from the other main golfing areas such as Southport, St Andrews etc.  They are much more likely to stay in these kind of areas than they are to travel around the UK.  We are trying to increase the awareness of Silloth to as many golfers as we can and have managed to get an interview arranged with the US website Golf Club Atlas.

Golf Club Atlas is a website that focuses largely on the architecture of golf courses and they hold Silloth in high regard.  This is a link to the interview that I done with them which hopefully can help to increase the awareness of Silloth.


Alan Oliver

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